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Every question is different. We have tried to give you the most general sense of the tarot cards to help the most of people to know their future. Read carefully all the lines for your cards, you will find clues for your question.

Card NameThe MagicianThe ImpressThe Hanging Man
InterpretationSomething new : new periode, new people.
Someone with a lot of skills.
Young people
Mother, business woman.
Sacrifice. You are alone : no job, no friend or no love.
In rare occasion, this arcana designs association, volunteer.
Qualitiesdynamic, talentedcapacity to manager, to realize, intelligencedevoted, altruist, idealist, person in charge
Faultstoo many managed at once things or inactivity, uses stratagems to sell its productsuse of its seduction, silly thingtoo sensitive, too idealistic, difficulty accepting the reality

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