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Every question is different. We have tried to give you the most general sense of the tarot cards to help the most of people to know their future. Read carefully all the lines for your cards, you will find clues for your question.

Card NameThe High PriestessThe JudgmentThe World
InterpretationWoman who knows secrets.
Doctor, psy, religious woman, grand-mother...a person who helps to deliver.
An announcement. A fact important is announced.
An election, a result is proclaimed.
Foreign countries, foreigner... The outside world is beneficial.
Festivals, celebrations
Qualitiesgood reflection, discretion, good intuitioncomprehensive, mature, enthusiastic, merciful, enthusiasticdelicate, sophisticated, elegant woman, perfectionist, ambitious
Faultstoo discreet, too big rigor, light hypocrisy, to despise those who think differentlytoo indulgentor incapable to forgettoo sensitive to the honors

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